Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lavender Sunsets

To say I'm smitten with the French Countryside is an understatement.

Amoureux de France...Ive just returned from a 16 day journey.  My travels started in Paris and quickly led me North to the Normandy Region. 
 Thick with ancient architecture and tales of Kings and Queens, this area is no stranger to conflict. 
This has been the experience of a life time and I greedily want more! 
Maybe it was the Provocative Purple Sunsets, Purple is my favorite color.
 Or maybe it was the rich green Hillsides. The lore, the historic Gothic Cathedrals, castle ruins dating back to the 11th century? Perhaps its the totality of the entire experience. 

     truthfully, I have been very fortunate, I've traveled to a lot places and I've seen many things.
 This trip was much more. I can honestly say it was a soulful experience.  

I was standing in Monet's Garden.  I could see the light He so often spoke of, and more so, the LIGHT that spoke to Him.

 .   . 

I hiked the ruins of an 11th century Castle.

 Les Andeleys, France...King Richard the Lion Heart Castle


I stood in the square where Joan of Arc was burned alive, And toured Great Cathedrals were Strong Godly Woman have prayed and sacrificed.


I've walked the battle grounds where blood was shed and Loved Ones were lost.  The ultimate price has been paid.

     I've learned that History repeats itself and there's nothing I can do to stop it or change it.  We must LIVE the LIFE God gave us with kind and grateful hearts and if we are fortunate we can share a few Lavender Sunsets along the way.

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