Wednesday, July 20, 2016

After Carl's

Had I known the true nature of the CJS experience I'da brought provisions! Food, water, safety gear! 
After two hours of riffling and rummaging I needed nourishment and re-hydration! I headed to 
BRYANT PARK for fresh air and Lunch!  
I'll admit there were closer eateries but I had an ulterior motive! The weather was great and I wanted to be outside after My Warehouse Experience...but...Bryant Park is right behind the NYC PUBLIC library!
   Ohhhhhh how I've longed to partake of the Sweet Sensory Spectacle of all those written words printed on the pulp of century old pages.    That and I needed to stand on those very stairs where 
BIG phoned CARRIE to tell her he couldn't go thru with the Proposed Nuptials!   Hehehe...
Yup! I'm a H U G E fan!

Scratch that off the BUCKET LIST,

Moving On... 
My Afternoon Delight consisted of a Visit to  EAST COAST TRIMMING. 142 west 38 th Street...
One street over from CJS.
But it's a different world here!

STUNNING displays of trim all color coordinated! Neat and tidy.  Vintage blooms and plumes of every hue!

Pricey...but BREATH TAKING!  And they tease a lot with VINTAGE displays that are NOT for sale.
...said with a big pouty face...
The Help was nice and even gave me two more address's to look for, tomorrow of course because  it's 5 pm and the CITY that never sleeps locks up and goes home! Hmmmm perplexing if you ask me.

Karl's Keeping Me Awake Tonight

So after my trip to the Open Air Market I find Myself hunting for Carl at CJS Supply on West 38th in Manhattan. 
  My Friend Sandy reminded me of a blog post by Suze Weinberg 
It's CJS Warehouse! Here's a link to a great post about it! 

  It was an OVER WHELMING experience.  Boxes on top of unopened boxes! Treasures of all kinds.
Jewels, beads, findings, chain! Oh My.  Every where you looked and every where you walked..the floor literally crunches under your feet!  It's NOT for the meek, weak or shy that's for sure.  You will get dirty and be prepared to prove your a business owner.  Carl charges by the pound and there's a $100 minimum. 
I'll be up all night thinking about the Treasures I couldn't fit in my SUITCASE! 

Big City Inspiration

  So I'm here in the Big Apple!
Yes...Cultivating My Own Creativity in a City that never Stops!
  Summer in the City can be warm, but so far my week has been breezy and less humid which allows for enjoyable walks.  The GREEN was so vivid today. The PERFECT symbol of re-birth.

I started my Day Early with a walk to the Open Air Market . People here don't have Yards...much less space for a garden, I mean I can't get fruits and veggies this fresh in my RURAL area back home.
Yet here in this Concrete a Jungle I find the most delicously delectable morsels of life! 
Stunning BLOSSOMS are also readily available! RAINBOWS of colors everywhere you look. 
   This is truly the side of NEW YORK CITY that is seldom seen in any travel brochure...