Friday, May 13, 2016


 PEACE isn't just a's become my MANTRA...I've decide that anything or anyone that disturbs my inner PEACE...has got to go! 
My newest creation, Soldered Showcase featuring Relics and Artifacts Medallions, is more than just an ART PIECE.  Its My Testimony...My Mission and at the risk of sounding like a MISS AMERICA contestant, My HOPE for the WORLD!   In a time where violence and turmoil have become daily news, I find Myself seeking PEACE in My personal life more than ever before.  

I've decided that My own Private struggles have made me who I am and brought me to this point in Life, and I Must make PEACE with My Past...And learn to LIVE in PEACE even if I never get my 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kentucky Derby Winner

 Derby Daze... It's right around the corner.... Color matched to your Favorite Bonnet!  SOUTHERN SWANK.  This silver and black version is fashioned for the Royal Horse's for on over to my blog and see what else is new!

Run for The ROSES

With THE DERBY coming up, I felt inspired to create a themed piece!  Pink shimmer does not show in photos, but this little FILLY is FINE!  As if in the WINNERS CIRCLE Vintage velvet flowers surround her neck. Sparkling at the base with mini rhinestones all mounted on a patina brass Filagree cuff.  $50.  Perhaps you'd like to match your DERBY HAT.  Custom orders

What's New

Busy in the studio.
     I've molded this cameo from a vintage piece I've had for years. L O V E the way it turned out...the relief is HUGE.  I wish I knew the original like to give credits... Any way I've re-invented here and she's for sale... She rests on vintage velvet petals and surrounded by ab mocha crystals.  The entire piece is fixed to a brass cuff!  Decadently Different!  $55 IM me or email