Tuesday, October 11, 2016

After All it's FALL

    The air is starting to get Crisp and it's a pleasure to be outdoors. I've noticed the critters more active scurrying and foraging  around in preparation for Winter.  Pumpkins are out, apples are harvested and I've pulled out my sweaters and boots.  My crotchety neighbor even seems less crabby and Yard work such as raking leaves actually becomes less dreadful all because of a drop on the thermometer.
   It happens every year...yet I don't remember ever noticing such details in my younger years. "Youth is waisted on the Young," my daddy used to say... Never really understood that til now.    
   Anyway, I took advantage of the coolness and hiked down to the bottom of SoCo Falls and thought I'd share the Beauty...         After All it's FALL here in the Blue Ridge Mountains...                                    ...My FAVORITE time of year.


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