Saturday, January 23, 2016

Resolve NOT to have a Resolution.2016

     It's been soon long since I really felt like spending time in the Studio...Emotional Turmoil will do that.
So many things, so much stress, so busy, Health Issues, Relationship goes On and on.
             Struggling every day just to put two feet on the floor in the morning.
         I just can't continue to allow things to rent so much space in MY HEAD....
   ITS A NEW YEAR........2016.  Ready or NOT! 
 I rarely make's another way of setting your self up to fail. MORE STRESS!
    But I do believe in GOALS...reasonable Goals...and mine is to occupy my mind with positive things.
   It's so easy In these troubled times of Elections and borders and refugees and taxes and healthcare to get completely bogged down and depressed! So much Hate and ugliness everywhere...TV, SOCIAL MEDIA, ROAD RAGE even in the grocery store.  
     But NOT in my STUDIO...this is my Haven, My Refuge, my SAFE PLACE TO FALL...Ive MISSED this Place.   Thinking of moving a cot in here and having food delivered....I can be anything I want in one will judge me.  There are No Narcissistic Pretend Friends in Here, or people you thought you could trust but turned out to be everything they said they'd never be.  .just me and My Creations....
My Father would say..."you can't go around with your head in the sand PRETENDING THE REAL WORLD DOESNT EXISIT!   But, then again I often Disagreed with DAD... 
     I don't have to SEE a MILLION DOLLARS to know it exists, I don't have to see AIR to know that exists  either...
      I'm creating my own World where EVERYONE  gets me!

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