Friday, October 14, 2016

Artful Support

October is Breast Cancer Month! 
You see the Pink Ribbon everywhere...
   if you're a Survivor or have a loved one that is, you know it's much more than just a ribbon...
        It's a symbol of HOPE.    I've chosen to ARTFULLY SUPPORT the cause this year by...
     Joining BRIGHTON.
If you're Local Please join Us.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

After All it's FALL

    The air is starting to get Crisp and it's a pleasure to be outdoors. I've noticed the critters more active scurrying and foraging  around in preparation for Winter.  Pumpkins are out, apples are harvested and I've pulled out my sweaters and boots.  My crotchety neighbor even seems less crabby and Yard work such as raking leaves actually becomes less dreadful all because of a drop on the thermometer.
   It happens every year...yet I don't remember ever noticing such details in my younger years. "Youth is waisted on the Young," my daddy used to say... Never really understood that til now.    
   Anyway, I took advantage of the coolness and hiked down to the bottom of SoCo Falls and thought I'd share the Beauty...         After All it's FALL here in the Blue Ridge Mountains...                                    ...My FAVORITE time of year.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

After Carl's

Had I known the true nature of the CJS experience I'da brought provisions! Food, water, safety gear! 
After two hours of riffling and rummaging I needed nourishment and re-hydration! I headed to 
BRYANT PARK for fresh air and Lunch!  
I'll admit there were closer eateries but I had an ulterior motive! The weather was great and I wanted to be outside after My Warehouse Experience...but...Bryant Park is right behind the NYC PUBLIC library!
   Ohhhhhh how I've longed to partake of the Sweet Sensory Spectacle of all those written words printed on the pulp of century old pages.    That and I needed to stand on those very stairs where 
BIG phoned CARRIE to tell her he couldn't go thru with the Proposed Nuptials!   Hehehe...
Yup! I'm a H U G E fan!

Scratch that off the BUCKET LIST,

Moving On... 
My Afternoon Delight consisted of a Visit to  EAST COAST TRIMMING. 142 west 38 th Street...
One street over from CJS.
But it's a different world here!

STUNNING displays of trim all color coordinated! Neat and tidy.  Vintage blooms and plumes of every hue!

Pricey...but BREATH TAKING!  And they tease a lot with VINTAGE displays that are NOT for sale.
...said with a big pouty face...
The Help was nice and even gave me two more address's to look for, tomorrow of course because  it's 5 pm and the CITY that never sleeps locks up and goes home! Hmmmm perplexing if you ask me.

Karl's Keeping Me Awake Tonight

So after my trip to the Open Air Market I find Myself hunting for Carl at CJS Supply on West 38th in Manhattan. 
  My Friend Sandy reminded me of a blog post by Suze Weinberg 
It's CJS Warehouse! Here's a link to a great post about it! 

  It was an OVER WHELMING experience.  Boxes on top of unopened boxes! Treasures of all kinds.
Jewels, beads, findings, chain! Oh My.  Every where you looked and every where you walked..the floor literally crunches under your feet!  It's NOT for the meek, weak or shy that's for sure.  You will get dirty and be prepared to prove your a business owner.  Carl charges by the pound and there's a $100 minimum. 
I'll be up all night thinking about the Treasures I couldn't fit in my SUITCASE! 

Big City Inspiration

  So I'm here in the Big Apple!
Yes...Cultivating My Own Creativity in a City that never Stops!
  Summer in the City can be warm, but so far my week has been breezy and less humid which allows for enjoyable walks.  The GREEN was so vivid today. The PERFECT symbol of re-birth.

I started my Day Early with a walk to the Open Air Market . People here don't have Yards...much less space for a garden, I mean I can't get fruits and veggies this fresh in my RURAL area back home.
Yet here in this Concrete a Jungle I find the most delicously delectable morsels of life! 
Stunning BLOSSOMS are also readily available! RAINBOWS of colors everywhere you look. 
   This is truly the side of NEW YORK CITY that is seldom seen in any travel brochure...

Friday, May 13, 2016


 PEACE isn't just a's become my MANTRA...I've decide that anything or anyone that disturbs my inner PEACE...has got to go! 
My newest creation, Soldered Showcase featuring Relics and Artifacts Medallions, is more than just an ART PIECE.  Its My Testimony...My Mission and at the risk of sounding like a MISS AMERICA contestant, My HOPE for the WORLD!   In a time where violence and turmoil have become daily news, I find Myself seeking PEACE in My personal life more than ever before.  

I've decided that My own Private struggles have made me who I am and brought me to this point in Life, and I Must make PEACE with My Past...And learn to LIVE in PEACE even if I never get my 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kentucky Derby Winner

 Derby Daze... It's right around the corner.... Color matched to your Favorite Bonnet!  SOUTHERN SWANK.  This silver and black version is fashioned for the Royal Horse's for on over to my blog and see what else is new!

Run for The ROSES

With THE DERBY coming up, I felt inspired to create a themed piece!  Pink shimmer does not show in photos, but this little FILLY is FINE!  As if in the WINNERS CIRCLE Vintage velvet flowers surround her neck. Sparkling at the base with mini rhinestones all mounted on a patina brass Filagree cuff.  $50.  Perhaps you'd like to match your DERBY HAT.  Custom orders

What's New

Busy in the studio.
     I've molded this cameo from a vintage piece I've had for years. L O V E the way it turned out...the relief is HUGE.  I wish I knew the original like to give credits... Any way I've re-invented here and she's for sale... She rests on vintage velvet petals and surrounded by ab mocha crystals.  The entire piece is fixed to a brass cuff!  Decadently Different!  $55 IM me or email 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Resolve NOT to have a Resolution.2016

     It's been soon long since I really felt like spending time in the Studio...Emotional Turmoil will do that.
So many things, so much stress, so busy, Health Issues, Relationship goes On and on.
             Struggling every day just to put two feet on the floor in the morning.
         I just can't continue to allow things to rent so much space in MY HEAD....
   ITS A NEW YEAR........2016.  Ready or NOT! 
 I rarely make's another way of setting your self up to fail. MORE STRESS!
    But I do believe in GOALS...reasonable Goals...and mine is to occupy my mind with positive things.
   It's so easy In these troubled times of Elections and borders and refugees and taxes and healthcare to get completely bogged down and depressed! So much Hate and ugliness everywhere...TV, SOCIAL MEDIA, ROAD RAGE even in the grocery store.  
     But NOT in my STUDIO...this is my Haven, My Refuge, my SAFE PLACE TO FALL...Ive MISSED this Place.   Thinking of moving a cot in here and having food delivered....I can be anything I want in one will judge me.  There are No Narcissistic Pretend Friends in Here, or people you thought you could trust but turned out to be everything they said they'd never be.  .just me and My Creations....
My Father would say..."you can't go around with your head in the sand PRETENDING THE REAL WORLD DOESNT EXISIT!   But, then again I often Disagreed with DAD... 
     I don't have to SEE a MILLION DOLLARS to know it exists, I don't have to see AIR to know that exists  either...
      I'm creating my own World where EVERYONE  gets me!

Christmas 2015

Another Holiday in the BOOKS...
It's SURE great when all your Adult Children come Home!  They are ALL so busy LIVING LIFE  that I Relish The joy of Simply having everyone in the Same room at the Same time!  This is truly a Christmas Miracle...  and we have the Added blessing of The Grandchild...she brings back the innocence and Purity of Season.