Thursday, May 29, 2014

American Girl in Italy


So here I the Elegantly Extravagant Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni  sparkling like a jewel on Lago Di Como in the North of Italy.  Bellagio, Italy to be exact.  I have to pinch my self to believe it! I've traveled almost 4,000 miles by planes, trains, automobiles...a bus and a Ferry...but I'm here! Wondering thru this masterfully appointed Villa that was built in 1850 as a private residence.  
  Huge rock Crystal Chandeliers hang from lavishly lathed and plastered ceiling medallions. And every wall is draped in silken fabrics original to the Eastate.  
Elegantly carved marble Ev-er-y-thing! Marble columns, marble floors, marble stairs, marble banisters and choice given the proximity to unpredictable lake levels and dog day summer afternoons of 100 percent humidity! 
The thoughts in my head with regard to life in 1850 are so numerous I can't begin to organize them enough to put into words...I mean this was a time 
When men wore ascots and women were 
Buttoned  up and bustled all in a day with no modern convenience ... 
I can see how rooms have been retro- fitted for electricity and plumbing and Spaces that were meant to be lit by the romantic flicker of candlelight or gas flame are now harshly electrified... And I wonder if this is in-deed an improvement? 

The rooms are to numerous to count and again many are used in ways the Original Architect had not intended, but still beautiful and still very reminiscent of the times.  

The grounds have not gone UN noticed either... Gardens Alight with color and fragrance.. Come in May if you come at all, it's pleasant in the day with very little rain and cool in the evening. But I warn you not to come alone...the Romance of this place is intoxicating!  You will fall in Love at every turn of the quaint, anciently narrow streets here in Bellagio.  The tantalizingly muted colors and delicious tastes of this historic place should be shared and of course A Kiss on the Cheek... 

Thoughts of Rome or Venice are what most people envision when Italy is mentioned, but those are not for Me.  Bellagio is the quiet beauty that has captured My Heart.  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

American Girl in Italy

Farewell to my beloved Bellagio.  It's very  difficult to leave this place.  I pray the breath taking panoramic View of the Italian Alps stays forever emblazoned  in My mind, and the sweet fragrance of the jasmine along Lago Di Como is committed to my senses forever.   
The muted colors, the ancient architecture, the language... It's all So very romantic. 
I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Bellagio.
It's everything I hoped it would be, including The Kiss on The Cheek.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

American Girl in Italy

Yes! I'm blessed enough to be in Bellagio Italy... But it gets better...I've made Amazing friends..I've seen breath taking Views and Magnificent colors! But as good as the wine, the food, the weather and the interesting conversations have been... My biggest blessing has been the Man behind the scenes..he understands my Inner Gypsy and supports all my dreams..even if he doesn't get my need for 29 different shades of the same ribbon...and I've had the time of my life and I owe it all to you...( sounds like a song) Ha!    thanx Babycakes.