Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beauty in The Blue Bonnets

                So we just returned from Texas!  Antique Weeks in Round Top. We went seeking new, old Treasures for a future home we are planning...but, The Duke and I made a little Vacay out of it.   Stopping along the way to enjoy local Flavor...shrimp and grits in Mississippi, Texas BBQ, and Cajun mud bugs in Louisianna!  I guess we've become "foodies" because we had had several conversations prior to our 18 hour drive about where to stop and what to eat!  Needless to say it was a gastronomically pleasing trip...
Much to my delight, The visual parity was equally pleasant. I'd heard about the Texas Blue Bonnets but had never seen them. Magicaly, they were in Full Bloom!  The deep blue-violet haze they cast over random fields brings a serene smile to my face. They say timing is everything, well I could not have planned it more perfectly!  
Having been to Texas back in October, I would highly recommend The Spring. It was so HOT then and dry and not half as enjoyable and No Blue Bonnets.
The Antique Weeks Experience can be Overwhelming! It's literally a hundred miles of shopping along hwy 237. Random fields and tents just spotting the Texas Prairie along this route. I've hauled back a trailer full of personal treasures and I can't wait to incorporate them into Our life knowing I'll be reminded of Sweet Texas Blue Bonnets every time I use them.