Friday, March 14, 2014

Chicken Chronicles

I'm sorry Fans for I have's been 3 months since my last 
Well my Granny always said no news is good news!  
The Girls are happy and Healthy and almost a year old.!  (Easter)
We are getting TWO dozen eggs a day!
And the Fancy Ducks are sitting on a nest of 9!  Those babies will go to my nieces.  They live on the lake in Pembroke Pines!  
If you're interested in eggs...let me's kind of a COOP here.  Sign up for a work day and take home the eggs!  It really only takes about half hour to fill feeder, fill water, and scoop poop.  Tuesdays and Sundays are taken.  These girls are free range, happy cluckers and eat only organic feed.  No pesticides,hormones or antibiotics.
Happy Spring Y'all!

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