Friday, December 27, 2013


It's always so humbling for me to be published in such a widely circulated magazine.  To know you're in such talented company is mind blowing!  I've always been such a fan of SOMERSET.   It's more than a magazine it's like an ART GUIDE or Manual.  I keep all my issues for inspiration.   And can I just say I loved working with Danielle Mohler... She is on top of her game over there...I've worked with others at the magazine before, but props to Danielle for being prompt and responsive to all the E mails and questions that come up during the process!  Thanks again SOMERSET.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Be Glittered

  So I've been Altering and re-purposeing items for years!  Way before the now (over-used) terms became En VOGUE!  
   A while back    I posted These pics. of some Sterling Silver Frames that I had BATHED in        German Glass Glitter.
        Comments were made that I had de-valued the items...I don't understand this thought process..Value is HIGHLY mans trash is another mans treasure after all, and if I did not care for the item in its original state then it had no value.  RIGHT?   Anyway. I grew tired of constantly polishing the Silver. Now it Sparkles constantly.  I'm Happy and I wanted to share some other glittered pieces with you...
Also known as pin cushion dolls.  I never cared for the pink and yellow porcelain painted bodice she was I ADORE her as my SNOW QUEEN.        
  I've been very successful with these belt buckles too.  German Glass Glitter & Vintage Rhinestones...this one is for sale.
                          ,,              These are also for sale...just message me on FB for details...
   The point is... I now treasure these items and to me their Value has increased... Gone are the cookie-cutter days of trying to fit in and be the same.  Be Unique!  And surround yourself with things you love and treasure.  Color outside the lines and if you don't like something...put GLITTER on it.

Trim the Tree Ornament SWAP

   Well here we go! The CHRISTMAS countdown... For me the rest of 2013 will be a Blur.  
          So much yet to do, so little time...  That's why I'm so Happy I made time early in the month for Crafts and other fun things.  You may have seen my earlier SNOW QUEEN blog.  Now I'm about to share an Ornament SWAP my friend Julie Weller included me in.  This GREAT group of TALENTED ARTITISTS got together to make and share.  
         Mine was a quilted Heart that included a piece of Vintage, Hand Tatted Lace from my Grandmothers Tablecloth that I had since she passed...It made my friends wasn't my intent but I had saved this lace for years and knew that one day I would know what to do with.  I also knew that this group of Ladies would appreciate the Sentimental Value of Grandmas Lace.  They all turned out a little different,
And I included the story of how I obtained the lace.        This is the box from Julie...all the way from California.  I was so excited because it came a day early...props to the USPS!   
  I absolutely could not wait to RIP into this box of TREASURES!  The first thing I GASP at is this Bird in a Bouquet from Lori Dams in Canada!

All HANDMADE  Beatiful works of ART!
 The WHITE TREE is by Kim Caldwell and the top hat is by Christine Barker.  So creative..and the TART TIN is so Vintage Looking...
This little Tree soldered to the top of a handmade SNOW GLOBE is by our Hostess Julie Weller..  Who's was having cancer radiated out of her body while Hosting the BEST SWAP EVER!  Love you Jules...
  Kudos to all the talented Gals that participated.... I'm overwhelmed by your TALENT and feeling so fortunate to have been included...   Merry Christmas to All.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Snow Queen

I know I'm stating the Obvious 
....... When  I say....  THE HOLIDAYS ARE !   But before The Frenzy of decorating and shopping    SWOOP in and consume our lives, I wanted to Thank a BEAUTIFUL group of Women.   Kathy, Judy, Patty and Amy.  They took the time out of there busy lives to arrange a day of crafting.  We made tulle Christmas Trees, except mine turned into this Skirt for my SNOW QUEEN.  To most this won't sound like such a big deal, but to me this is the true meaning of Christmas.  Spending quality time with Friends and Family.
You won't find the LAUGHS we shared on a store shelf, and the MEMORIES created can't be bought at the mall.     To most it was just a group of Chatty CHICS gathered in Kathy's Kitchen, but to me it was CHRISTMAS CHEER... 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

                                                                   I'm Thankful for rainbows, the beach and the ability to enjoy them with my Family.

Mom's visit to Ft. Lauderdale was her first in ten years!  She hadn't been back since she moved to North Carolina and needless to say...things have changed! 
 Of course she wanted to see her old place and spend a day at the beach since she now lives in the mountains.  I enjoyed seeing my everyday landscape thru her eyes.  She had missed the palm trees and the sound of the Ocean.  Things I take for granted and don't pay much attention to had become NEW again.    
    I guess it's true... You don't know how good things are until you don't have them anymore.
  Well I have God, My health and My Family and I'm not taking any of them for granted.
           I'm THANKFUL for all of them this THANKSGIVING.        2013