Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wax On or Wax Off?

Ok so these are some pics of a piece I recently re-did with the Annie Sloan Chaulk paints...
I'm LOVING the gray and white...but now it's the question of the Wax... MUST I.?..  Yes the wax adds dimension and patina...but to me it always seems to stay sticky!  Not that I go around Fondling Furniture...but if it's sticky it becomes a DUST MAGNET!  So I ask all you CHAULK PAINTERS.. What if I don't wax?  Is this like taking the TAGS off the mattress?  Will some one come?   
I've been told the Chaulk Paint will not be protected and will scratch or rub off??  Any thoughts???

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My Friend Christine and I participated in a Hauntingly Sweet SWAP!  Hosted by 
Julie Weller, we had specific guidelines to fulfill...something SWEET something SINISTER something VINTAGE something THRIFTED... It was very creative on her part and soooo much fun for the recipients .  I opened my box of goodies today , it was like Christmas in October.  Here are some the adorable items Christine made...
She is super Creative...look at the PUMPKIN embellished with Crystals!  You can check out more of Christine's. ART on her

Go West My Friend!

This is Elaine and Frenchie!  I met up with my two BFFs in Austin for a week of fun!  We went to Fredricksburg and Round Top!  So much to see and do, I'll be back because a week is just not enough!  

This Artsy Store in Fredricksburg MENAGERIE, was right up our alley featuring all the vintage and handmade treasures we adore.
These are the exquisite ART DOLLS we used for our Nichos!  We spent an entire day crafting!  
Elaine and Doug where so welcoming!  I felt right at home! Thank you for being such gracious Hosts!  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Round Top Texas

EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS,  YeeHaw!  Four days is NOT enough time to even scratch the surface!
Many of you know Round Top/ Warrenton hosts THE LARGEST   JUNKTIQUE  Festival around!
I just returned and although I did manage to do some damage... I had to leave so many treasures behind because they just would NOT fit in my suitcase!

I'll fix that thou... I shall return in April as this is a bi-annual occurrence.  
   The Duke doesn't know it yet but... He's gonna Chauffeur this Duchess with a an empty trailer in tow!!!!
I was fortunate enough to share my shopping weekend with two of my BESTIES... Lil E and Frenchie!,
LOOK at us Sassy Girls!  We had a BIG OLE TEXAS TIME!  I miss them already...
So my shipment is on its way... I can't wait to post pics of my Momentos.  I'll share those as soon as they arrive!  Until then... HAPPY TRAILS YA'LL!