Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chicken Chronicles

The Girls have grown so much since my last post!   They love the new coop!
Unfortunately.  We have lost two more!  
Koelle the Great Dane got her paws on them!  It was a sad day!  We think she was just playing, but she's over 100 pounds now so her play is pretty Ruff!
The Duke has decided to build an enclosed CHICKEN RUN!  It's for there own good!  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Incredibly UN-edible

These are Bath Fizzies!  These mouth watering Beauties look delicious but are only for your bath!
Can't wait to soak in my HOT BATH!

Treasure Stop duex

Ok I made it to Hendersonville...Mom is still in the Hospital.  She insists I don't need to sit here all day, so I've decided to take a quick sabbatical down Main Street Hendersonville....
   Found some treasures in here.

On The Road Again

So I'm headed to N.C. To help my Mom after here hip replacement.  
Of course I have to stop along the way!   It's a long 12hour drive so in TRUE GYPSY form, I treasure seek on the way!  
First stop OCALA..check out this fabulous Mosaic Frame on this mirror,