Tuesday, May 14, 2013


 Forgive Me Followers for I have Sinned!

Its been awhile since my last Chicken Chronicles POST!

I was in California... I survived my first EARTHQUAKE!

Then we had Mother's Day!  LIFE HAPPENS!

Anyway...While I was away THE DUKE finished
THE COOP!  YES! YES! YES!    no more POOP on my back Stoop!  

He cleverly used several Vintage Windows and a Fabulous old DOOR that I had been Hoarding for well over TEN years!  In fact he had tried on MANY occasion to RID the barn loft of said items!  OH YEE OF LITTLE FAITH... I told him we would ONE DAY find a use for them!   I was RIGHT!  I knew I WOULD re-use and re-purpose...           RE-CYCLING in the  true sense of the word!

It looks adorable, in fact he has even promised me window boxes!  How cute is that?   I can't wait to plant..
The Girls seem to love it as they were OH SO CROWDED in the pool on the porch... 
The interior has three levels and each Hen has her own nesting box...
The Ducklings are included although I don't think they realize they are ducks!
Now all we need are some EGGS!