Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Enchanted Art

 This was my Favorite project!    Julie Nutting teaches her Oh SO Simple background techniques followed by paper tearing to produce this Lovely version of Snow White.   Close to 50 woman in the class and no two works were the same!  This is what I love!  We are all handed the same items and yet...50 different works of ART!  I am always AMAZED.

                   Elaine Marcel Smith  aka Mrs. Mess.  Oh Boy she is really enjoying her Project!

An Enchanted Week in L.A.

 I have just returned from another AMAZING Kim Caldwell Event!
You can visit her web site

The StoryBook theme was as SWEET as pie, and as you can see from these hand painted images by Karla Nathan, a touch of Whimsy was included.

We were greeted by this Beautiful Dress form embraced in a Velvet Gown and Crown.  Very Regal . 
Tapestry and Damask pennates hung from the ceiling via golden cords..
Sparkling Apples guided us to our tables which were set in Royal Splendor.    A Golden Charger held a Fair Maiden Paper doll and a Delicious Chocolate from Cynthia Vartanian.             Snow Whites Velvet Heart was Embelished in fine white lace and Encased in a GLASS BOX.  Lining the box was sheet music with the notes from the Disney Classic...Someday My Prince Will Come.  The First night is always vendor night..Kim invites special vendors with Themed wares for sale. We shop and chat and re-kindle friendships and forge new ones.  Its a great way to relax a bit from our journey and get us in the mood for the next three days of Artful Inspiration.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Today the Duke thought it was time for the ducklings to take to the water!

I dont know what we expected... of course Mother Nature instintively kicked in.  They loved it!
Chirping and Splashing and waving those stumpy wings! 
It was a PARTY ON THE PATIO!  YES they are still on the PATIO..........

        Lesson TWO
  The next day the DUCK foursome, graduated to the big  POOL!
   Look at the THE DUKE! lol...I guess he's an over-protective PARENT....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coop Assist

Well two heads are better than one !  Or so they say...
The COOP is coming...S-L-O-W-L-Y.............
as you can see these BIRDS are getting BIG! 
 They are scaling the CASTLE walls.  Hence the addition of the fencing! 
The Girls lost the fuzz and are now getting feathers!  In other words they STOPPED being CUTE and are now smelly pests on the back porch!
THE DUKE better get a move on!  These CHICKS need a new

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 And we are OFF!
Like a Heard of TURTLES!
Judy, Kathy and I packed and on our way to LAKELAND!

We left the night before so we could be there at FIVE a.m. to set up!

It was dark and very cool, 56 to be exact!

All our stuff got unloaded on the sidewalk while I tried to find a place to park.

We got it together and it started to look like something.

It was ALOT of work!  But we shared ALOT of laughs...
The day turned out to be Beautiful, cool with a breeze.
And... there was no shortage of customers...Come to find out, over 200 vendors participated and THOUSANDS shopped!

The FANCY FLEA is advertised in ROMANTIC HOMES magazine and has become the third largest annual FLEA MARKET in the Nation.

The three of us did very well.  I think we were all Happy with our sales.

Judy and I dressed the part!  hehehehe!

                                                                                                                                                                     Thanx to all our patrons for making this an excitingly successful weekend!

Chicken Chronicles:

COOP update (cont'd)

This is Koelle... my daughters 6 month old GREAT DANE.
With her help THE DUKE got the roof installed today!

I can't wait to get these HENS off the back porch!


Yes!  construction has begun...
 and not a moment to soon.  The Girls are escaping from the blue swimming pool and have now run-u-muck on the back porch!
I don't have to tell you what a MESS that has become!

I had been saving these three antique windows I salvaged out of a house in Virginia TEN years ago... The Duke decided to incorporate those into his
 COOP-DeVILLE design...
We are going to have window boxes as well, under each window!  

The ceiling is going to be eight feet high.. I could put a window AC in and rent this out!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Fabulous Dental Cabinet

I love that it is painted PINK...I hated to pass it up... I know I will never see it agin.

I'm kicking myself...

Kitchen Cabinets

Client X

Kitchen door samples   
on the left a crackled finish

on the right is a raised sample in a metallic finish although the photo doesnt reflect it.

Chicken Chronicles: SAD DAY

This was LIL BIT...if you've been reading you will know that Lil Bit was the runt that needed special care...After a week of being hand fed...She sadly didnt make it.

Mother Nature has her ways.  We gave it our best try.  She will be laid to rest in our families pet cemetary.

So now it's 25 hens and 3 ducklings...They all seem very healthy, extremely active and are sprouting feathers.

We have obtained a COOP plan and will begin shortly.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Chicken Chronicles PART II

Three Ducklings have been added to the brood! They seem to be mingling well...

We have one runty, little Hen that needed some help...we woke up on     DAY 2  and found her layed over on her side unable to stand!   I decided to try feeding her with a syringe and for 2 days my son and I took turns force feeding every two hours...  it was exhausting, but a LABOR OF LOVE...

Im HAPPY to report that on DAY 4 we woke to find Lil Bit standing in the feed trough pecking away!  She's much smaller than her sisters but seems to be holding her own!

My Husband refers to her as THE PROMISE ONE...
By the way...they are still living in a blue, plastic swimming pool in my living room!   COOP to come saith HE...