Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chicken Chronicles


At $7.95 a dozen for pastured organic eggs...We decided to buy some hens and harvest our own!

So I have 26 chics living in a blue swimming pool in the dining room! 

It seems The Duke was a little anxious...he put the chics before the coop...

He's only a week or two before these girls will be hopping right out of there temporary housing!

Once mature, these red layers will be kept  in a 10'x10' coop at night for safety!  We have lots of predators around these foxes, raccoons, Ferrell cats and Hawks.  But during the day they will roam free on the five acres.  

Ive had to track down organic, hormone free, non-medicated feed... WOW! what a challenge that was!  So eye opening, what we have been putting into our bodies...

Well thats it for now.. stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter is upon us...I Adore the colors of fresh and full of New Life! 
I thought I would share these Birthday Flowers..I added the nest that I found last SPRING
up in the Blue Ridge Mountains at My Bed & Breakfast.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time...
     Here we are ...Chapter 1...
Starting this new BLOG has been an adventure in itself!   Thank Heavens for helpful friends.

Karen Valentine is not only a talented Blog Designer but a patient teacher as well.  I'm so NOT a computer person and her willingness to talk me thru the steps have led to my present SUCCESS.

Janet Coon-Shabbyfufu is responsible for my BEAUTIFUL banner image!  An exclusive just for Moi!  

So now I'm off!  Realizing that the world is now OVER FLOWING with BLOG posts of all kinds, I'm going to use mine more as an on line diary.   Just to note my thoughts, track my travels and share Fabulous finds! 

In my travels I always seem to happen upon fun, Un charted places and Unique items of interest, i'm sure that someone else should be just as interested as I am and therefore I should go forth and SHOW & TELL.   So that's my mission, and hopefully we will all live

Happily Ever After!


Hello and welcome to The Duke and Duchess Designs! I hope you will return after I have had a chance to fill my new blog with all sorts of wonderful ideas and inspiration to make a beautiful home! See you soon!