Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Snow Queen

I know I'm stating the Obvious 
....... When  I say....  THE HOLIDAYS ARE !   But before The Frenzy of decorating and shopping    SWOOP in and consume our lives, I wanted to Thank a BEAUTIFUL group of Women.   Kathy, Judy, Patty and Amy.  They took the time out of there busy lives to arrange a day of crafting.  We made tulle Christmas Trees, except mine turned into this Skirt for my SNOW QUEEN.  To most this won't sound like such a big deal, but to me this is the true meaning of Christmas.  Spending quality time with Friends and Family.
You won't find the LAUGHS we shared on a store shelf, and the MEMORIES created can't be bought at the mall.     To most it was just a group of Chatty CHICS gathered in Kathy's Kitchen, but to me it was CHRISTMAS CHEER... 

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