Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

                                                                   I'm Thankful for rainbows, the beach and the ability to enjoy them with my Family.

Mom's visit to Ft. Lauderdale was her first in ten years!  She hadn't been back since she moved to North Carolina and needless to say...things have changed! 
 Of course she wanted to see her old place and spend a day at the beach since she now lives in the mountains.  I enjoyed seeing my everyday landscape thru her eyes.  She had missed the palm trees and the sound of the Ocean.  Things I take for granted and don't pay much attention to had become NEW again.    
    I guess it's true... You don't know how good things are until you don't have them anymore.
  Well I have God, My health and My Family and I'm not taking any of them for granted.
           I'm THANKFUL for all of them this THANKSGIVING.        2013

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