Monday, December 16, 2013

Be Glittered

  So I've been Altering and re-purposeing items for years!  Way before the now (over-used) terms became En VOGUE!  
   A while back    I posted These pics. of some Sterling Silver Frames that I had BATHED in        German Glass Glitter.
        Comments were made that I had de-valued the items...I don't understand this thought process..Value is HIGHLY mans trash is another mans treasure after all, and if I did not care for the item in its original state then it had no value.  RIGHT?   Anyway. I grew tired of constantly polishing the Silver. Now it Sparkles constantly.  I'm Happy and I wanted to share some other glittered pieces with you...
Also known as pin cushion dolls.  I never cared for the pink and yellow porcelain painted bodice she was I ADORE her as my SNOW QUEEN.        
  I've been very successful with these belt buckles too.  German Glass Glitter & Vintage Rhinestones...this one is for sale.
                          ,,              These are also for sale...just message me on FB for details...
   The point is... I now treasure these items and to me their Value has increased... Gone are the cookie-cutter days of trying to fit in and be the same.  Be Unique!  And surround yourself with things you love and treasure.  Color outside the lines and if you don't like something...put GLITTER on it.

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