Monday, August 19, 2013

Gypsy Travels

Having  just returned from a Fabulous Road Trip out West.  I've realized how confined we can become in our own
Consumed by our daily activities, it's easy to have tunnel vision. 
But let me tell you... There is a big Beautiful WORLD out there!  
I was totally Enamored by THE WILD WILD WEST!  Feeling totally at home in my Boots and skirts it was a Cowgirls Dream!  
South Dakota encompasses every kind of terrain. From flat grasslands to rolling hills. Canyons, Waterfalls and cliffs!!! It was a DREAM on two wheels as we put 1,000 miles on our Harley. Mt. Rushmore was a breathtaking site and somehow this Mammoth, man -made sculpture fits into its natural surroundings!
We crossed the Wyoming border only for a day so that we could Tour the area known as Devils Tower. I plan to spend more time in that Grand State one day. 
Traveling is a Passion of mine. I can remember being packed in the back of the old Rambler every Summer and roaming the country like a bunch of Gypsies. 
I'm Blessed to have a partner that understands my Nomadic Tendencies and shares my excitement to see what's around the bend!

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