Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 And we are OFF!
Like a Heard of TURTLES!
Judy, Kathy and I packed and on our way to LAKELAND!

We left the night before so we could be there at FIVE a.m. to set up!

It was dark and very cool, 56 to be exact!

All our stuff got unloaded on the sidewalk while I tried to find a place to park.

We got it together and it started to look like something.

It was ALOT of work!  But we shared ALOT of laughs...
The day turned out to be Beautiful, cool with a breeze.
And... there was no shortage of customers...Come to find out, over 200 vendors participated and THOUSANDS shopped!

The FANCY FLEA is advertised in ROMANTIC HOMES magazine and has become the third largest annual FLEA MARKET in the Nation.

The three of us did very well.  I think we were all Happy with our sales.

Judy and I dressed the part!  hehehehe!

                                                                                                                                                                     Thanx to all our patrons for making this an excitingly successful weekend!

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  1. You're very brave. I want to do a flea market but I'm not so good at getting up early!!!