Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An Enchanted Week in L.A.

 I have just returned from another AMAZING Kim Caldwell Event!
You can visit her web site

The StoryBook theme was as SWEET as pie, and as you can see from these hand painted images by Karla Nathan, a touch of Whimsy was included.

We were greeted by this Beautiful Dress form embraced in a Velvet Gown and Crown.  Very Regal . 
Tapestry and Damask pennates hung from the ceiling via golden cords..
Sparkling Apples guided us to our tables which were set in Royal Splendor.    A Golden Charger held a Fair Maiden Paper doll and a Delicious Chocolate from Cynthia Vartanian.             Snow Whites Velvet Heart was Embelished in fine white lace and Encased in a GLASS BOX.  Lining the box was sheet music with the notes from the Disney Classic...Someday My Prince Will Come.  The First night is always vendor night..Kim invites special vendors with Themed wares for sale. We shop and chat and re-kindle friendships and forge new ones.  Its a great way to relax a bit from our journey and get us in the mood for the next three days of Artful Inspiration.

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