Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chicken Chronicles


At $7.95 a dozen for pastured organic eggs...We decided to buy some hens and harvest our own!

So I have 26 chics living in a blue swimming pool in the dining room! 

It seems The Duke was a little anxious...he put the chics before the coop...

He's only a week or two before these girls will be hopping right out of there temporary housing!

Once mature, these red layers will be kept  in a 10'x10' coop at night for safety!  We have lots of predators around these foxes, raccoons, Ferrell cats and Hawks.  But during the day they will roam free on the five acres.  

Ive had to track down organic, hormone free, non-medicated feed... WOW! what a challenge that was!  So eye opening, what we have been putting into our bodies...

Well thats it for now.. stay tuned...

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