Thursday, January 25, 2018

Spring Fling


Spring Fling...
Just in time for Easter Passover Holidays. 
Join us on Friday Feb. 23.  Or.   Saturday Feb. 24.   Both classes are offered from 10am-2pm
                            $30.00                                                         And included a light lunch.

The Possibilities are Endless!


Artfully display your uniquely created Faux Faberege Egg with personal treasures.
Enjoy laughter and a light lunch at The Duke and Duchess Design Studio located in
South West Ranches, FL.

Reserve your spot by leaving your name and phone number at
Include your preferred date.  Ill confirm by sending you the Studio address.
***PLEASE BRING...small sharp scissors and a medium size paint brush.
Hope to see you there...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Out with the OLD in with the New.

2018 is here! Ive got big plans...the first Grand will be 4 in August and My baby Boy is to be Wed in October.
And I have big plans for a personal business venture....more about that later.
Hold on tight and Enjoy the ride.

Auld Land Syne

Bidding Farewell to yet another year!

As a child Birthdays and Holidays couldn't come soon enough. Young Hearts desire so eagerly waiting and day dreaming , it seemed a Lifetime passed between our Favorite days of the Year.

Now, that I've reached "the Mature" years, they seem to be clicking by at unfamiliarly rapid pace.  Ill have to admit,  I wish they'd somehow get "Woad Up"!
Since Time waits for NO ONE...
We must embrace it and Our Loved Ones!  Heres to 2018.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lavender Sunsets

To say I'm smitten with the French Countryside is an understatement.

Amoureux de France...Ive just returned from a 16 day journey.  My travels started in Paris and quickly led me North to the Normandy Region. 
 Thick with ancient architecture and tales of Kings and Queens, this area is no stranger to conflict. 
This has been the experience of a life time and I greedily want more! 
Maybe it was the Provocative Purple Sunsets, Purple is my favorite color.
 Or maybe it was the rich green Hillsides. The lore, the historic Gothic Cathedrals, castle ruins dating back to the 11th century? Perhaps its the totality of the entire experience. 

     truthfully, I have been very fortunate, I've traveled to a lot places and I've seen many things.
 This trip was much more. I can honestly say it was a soulful experience.  

I was standing in Monet's Garden.  I could see the light He so often spoke of, and more so, the LIGHT that spoke to Him.

 .   . 

I hiked the ruins of an 11th century Castle.

 Les Andeleys, France...King Richard the Lion Heart Castle


I stood in the square where Joan of Arc was burned alive, And toured Great Cathedrals were Strong Godly Woman have prayed and sacrificed.


I've walked the battle grounds where blood was shed and Loved Ones were lost.  The ultimate price has been paid.

     I've learned that History repeats itself and there's nothing I can do to stop it or change it.  We must LIVE the LIFE God gave us with kind and grateful hearts and if we are fortunate we can share a few Lavender Sunsets along the way.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Keeping it Real

   So I'm on the other side of the continent! Enjoying Magnificent Sunsets
This was number 3...  thinking life is Good as I sip my Hibiscus Wine waiting for my family to arrive....I've enjoyed my Friend Cynthia day tripping thru SoCal earlier in the week.
Then I get a phone call...sorry Sis...having chest pain...on my to the VA...
Reality Check!
Won't bore ya with the details..He's ok! But Bruh's visit will have to wait another day...
As beautiful as this life can can turn ugly with No Damn warning...
Moral of the story..
Drink the Wine, LIVE each day, Always Say I love you, and never go to bed Angry.

Friday, February 24, 2017

If you ever have the chance to check out Old Quebec City I would suggest you go! We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac, this Old World beauty is rich in History without lacking amenities. Complete with Starbucks and Five star dining it was close to everything. Le Marche de Noel was right out the front door and Le petite Champlain located at the foot of the hill...a short venicular ride with a stunning view of the ST. LAWERENCE RIVER on the way down. we were there early December which come to find out is the Perfect Cruise Ship crowds due to the icey waters, yet Christmas Markets were in full swing! The twinkling lights of the Season were magical. and then the SNOW CAME...need I say more? I could have SHOPPED on Le Petite Champlain for days.. So reminiscence of Paris complete with French Speaking Locals, most of whom were very pleasant. Food was authentic French Cuisine. MON AMI...Lapin Saute was by far my Fav...the decor out front beckons you inside for a lovely French Wine and Cheese course...the Onion Soup was decadent! WELL this post could go on forever...or you could just book a trip and see for yourself! you wont regret it!